Thursday 7th March, and the new season of interesting and educational talks at the ever popular Birchgrove Garden Centre, Pinchbeck near Spalding, Lincolnshire begin.

Around 50 people enjoyed the lecture by Birchgrove’s  General Manager and gardening guru Alan Davey, ably supported by senior plants person Sue Worth, as they set about educating onlookers with a feast of knowledge about planning and getting the most from a “grow your own” vegetable plot, and how to prepare and successfully sow your own seeds.

Alan and Sue talked at length about selecting a suitable site, choosing between the different types of compost available, the best fertilisers and feeds to use and when to use them, choosing the correct seed and how to sow them, pricking out and planting young plants, the importance of crop rotation, growing particular groups of plants together to help prevent pests and diseases, organic pest control, companion planting and the ever-changing range and effectiveness of chemical products. An AV presentation was used to  assist in getting their message across.

Once again the audience were delighted with the event and attendees we spoke to afterwards said they had learned a great deal from the afternoon, which they were eager to go home and put into practice. The session concluded with the audience asking questions and discussing their own concerns, problems and experiences when sowing, growing and harvesting. The event was rounded off with a delicious home made cream Tea in Birchgrove’s B’s coffee shop.

The picture shows Alan and Sue explaining some of the growing techniques – good and bad.


Question and Answer sessions are held at Birchgrove each month, full details along with dates and topics covered can be found on the events page of the Birchgrove website at The aim of each discussion is to make each subject as informative and entertaining as possible and to endorse the fact that GARDENING IS FUN!