Dengie Everyday Molassed Chaff


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Everyday Molassed Chaff

Everyday Molassed Chaff is a high quality, dust extracted, soft straw feed with a molasses coating and tasty aniseed spice flavouring.

By adding Dengie Everyday Molassed Chaff to your horse’s bucket feed it will increase chew time, helping your horse to digest and utilise their feed more efficiently.

Key Features
Soft and easy to chew; can be fed as a partial hay replacer
Slows the rate of eating, helping to prevent greedy horses bolting their feed
Sweet taste tempts fussy eaters and is useful for hiding unpalatable medication

Oat straw, molasses, aniseed spice flavouring

Nutritional Analysis
Digestible Energy 5
Protein 5
Oil 1
Fibre 23
Sugar 15
Starch 1.5