STV Ultra power block bait killerstation refills


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  • Single-feed bait technology, kills rats and mice in one feed.

  • For use in a tamper-resistant bait station.

  • Use to refill STV565 and STV566.

  • Use indoors and around buildings.

  • Contains Brodifacoum.

Ready-to-use bait to be used in tamper resistant bait stations. Single-feed rodent bait to be used in conjunction with a secure, tamper resistant bait station for the control of rats and mice. Ultra Power Block Bait from The Big Cheese® delivers fast and highly effective control of rodent pests using single-feed bait technology. It combines proven palatability with the necessary amount of active ingredient to deliver a lethal dose to rodents in one feed. Rodents may continue to take bait for up to 4 days.