Rose Guard Rose Tonic 500ml


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A concentrated rose tonic for perfect roses.

Roses require regular watering, especially during the summer. Roses grown in pots should be given a good water daily throughout the growing season. During the summer newly planted roses will also need watering regularly until their roots are established.

  • More flowers, bigger, brighter blooms

  • Added Seaweed – natural nutrients for stronger roots

  • Great value will treat 20 plants for 2 years

  • Easy to use 

Disease Prevention

Regular use of Rose Guard will strengthen the rose and help protect against rose diseases such as Black Spot and Powdery Mildew. Combine this with cultural control methods to ensure healthy growth and abundant flowering. Collect and destroy fallen leaves in the autumn, or bury under a layer of mulch. Apply Vitax Winter Tree Wash treatment and prune out and destroy all stem lesions in spring before leaves appear. Always disinfect cutting tools before and after use.