Vitax Garden Lime 10kg


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A virtually dust-free granular soil conditioner, Garden Lime has all the advantages of powdered lime, without the need to handle dusty material.

Easy-to-use, Garden Lime neutralises acid, sour soils enabling beneficial soil bacteria to flourish and release the plant foods ‘locked in’ by acid soils.

Garden Lime:

  • Adds calcium and magnesium to the soil

  • Improves the drainage of heavy clay soils

  • Reduces risk of club root in cabbages and other brassicas

For acid soils, apply Garden Lime from September onwards. Garden Lime can also be used in normal soils and can be applied every two or three years. Where possible, try to avoid lodging on leaves and stems.

In addition to conditioning soil, Garden Lime can also be used to speed up the composting of garden waste.

Keep out of reach of children, pets and foodstuffs. Always read the label before use and store in a dry place.