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The ideal Summer or early autumn cauliflower, that can also be October sown. Excellent plant vigour makes it versatile on any soil type, holding well, producing  good size pure white curds Ideal for Exhibition and the kitchen.

Sow          January to May  or September to October                                      
Plant         March to June       
Harvest      June to October

Where to Sow 

Sowings can be made in trays or  modules under glass at 13°C. Later sowings can be made into a seed bed in shallow drills 2cm (3/4″) deep in short rows. Autumn Sowing should be overwintered in cold frame .                                                                                              

What to do Next 
As soon as glasshouse seedlings show their first pair of leaves, prick off into trays 5cm (2″) apart or thin modules to one seedling per cell. Gradually harden off before planting out, spacing plants 45cm (18in) apart between plants and 60cm (24in) between the rows.                                                                                                    
Outdoor sowings should be thinned to 7-10cm (3-4in) apart, then once plants are 15cm (6in) tall, they can be lifted and transplanted to their final planting positions, spaced the same as detailed above.

Handy Tip
For an early crop, autumn sowings can be overwintered in a cold frame and planted out in March the following year for the first cut of the season in June.