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The stalks of Golden Self Blanching are more yellow-green and not such a strong flavour as Giant White but a lot less work. This variety is ready from about August onwards, and as the name would suggest is a self blanching variety.

Celery is a popular salad vegetable with its crips sweet stalks, but is equally as delicious if braised or chopped in casseroles.

February to April

Where to Sow
Sow the fine seed thinly in pots or trays under glass at 18°C. Sow the seeds on the top of moist seed sowing compost and lightly cover to their own depth.

What to do next
As soon as seedlings are large enough to handle, prick off into trays 5cm (2″) apart. When seedlings are 6-7cm (3-4″) tall, gradually harden off before planting out 20cm (9″) apart once all risk of frost has passed. Water well throughout the growing season .

August to November

Celery requires very regular watering throughout the summer. Weak foliar feeding is beneficial.

High in sodium & potassium traditionally used as diuretic.