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Yard Long is a type of Oriental bean, also known as Asparagus Bean.It has a vigorous climbing habit reaching a height of 2.5 metres. As the name would suggest the pods are very long, (up to 45cm) round, thin and stringless; as well as being very tasty! This variety can be grown outside but thrives best in large poly tunnels or glasshouses. Climbing beans such as this variety should be supported in much the same way as runner beans would be.

This family of beans is frost tender and cannot be sown until the weather has warmed up.

April to June.

Where to Sow
Early sowings can be made underglass at a temperature of 16°C, sow 3 seeds per 8cm (3in) pot filled with seed sowing compost. Outside sowings can be made from late May onwards into the growing site 5cm (2in) deep. Sow 2-3 seeds every 20cm(8in) apart with rows spaced 60cm (24in) apart.

What to do next
Seedlings sown underglass should be gradually hardened off before planting outside in late May to the above spacing, once all risk of frost has past. Provide support by canes or netting for plants to climb. Water regularly during dry weather.

July to September

A good source of folic acid and vitamins A and K.