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Half Pint Pea is also known as Tom Thumb. It is a very dwarf variety, making the ideal patio companion in pots and containers. The petite plant produces full sized pods, each filled with delicious bright green peas. This pea has a very good tolerance to cold.

Many young people nowadays have never seen a pea pod, and only recognise peas if they come out of a plastic bag from the freezer. This really is a sad state of affairs as home-grown peas are of a completely different calabre to those found in the freezer aisle.



March to June

Where to Sow

Prepare a flat bottom drill 5cm (2in) deep and 10cm, (4in) wide.

What to do next

Space seeds 5cm (2in) apart throughout the drill allowing 45cm (18in) between the drills, then cover over with soil and gently tamp down with the back of a rake. It is advisable to give some net protection against birds, once seedlings start to grow. As dwarf, plants usually hold each other up and will not require any net support. Alternatively sowings can be made direct into containers or into modular cells under glass and then planted into containers. Place outside once hardened off.


June to August


Sow a few seeds every 2-3 weeks for a succession of fresh peas over a long picking period.

Nutritional Values

A good source of Vitamin A, B1 and C and Folic Acid.