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Appealing conical shape roots, red skin and rose-pink flesh, and a mild and refreshing flavour. Perfect added to stir fries with its crisp texture, and visually appealing when sliced into salads. Best sown late summer for autumn harvesting.

July to September    

September to November

Where to Sow

Sow thinly in shallow drills 1.5cm (1/2in) deep with 30-35cm (12-14in) between the rows. During hot weather water the base of the seed drills first before sowing seeds and covering with dry soil.                                                              

What to do next 
Radish should not be transplanted. Gradually thin seedlings to 10cm (4in) apart  and harvest as required.  

Handy Tip
Ideal for late summer- autumn sowing, where roots will remain in good condition over a long period.