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Runner Bean seeds “Tenderstar”

After 15 years of British breeding brings you a unique red and pink bicolour flowers and virtually self setting pods .  ‘Tenderstar’ combines the valuable characteristics of French beans with those of runner beans, resulting in extra smooth, very fleshy, stringless pods with an exceptionally tender texture and true runner bean flavour. A  prolific variety producing masses of 20cm (8″) long pods throughout the summer, whatever the weather.

Sow – April to June

Plant out – May to July

Harvest – July to September

Where to Sow
Early sowings can be made under glass at a temperature of 16 C, sow 2-3 seeds per 8cm (3in) pot filled with seed sowing compost. Outside sowings can be made from May onwards into the growing site 5cm (2in) deep. Sow 2-3 seeds every 20-30cm(8-12in) apart with rows spaced 60cm (24in) apart.                                                                 

What to do next
Seedlings sown under glass should be gradually hardened off before plant-ing outside in late May to the above spacing, once all risk of frost has past. Place a support cane at each planting station. Alternatively, circular plantings can be made with canes joined at the centre to form a wigwam. For optimum crop, place canes 30-45cm (12-18″) apart with 3 beans planted per cane. Water regularly during dry weather.

Handy Tip
Runner beans are hungry plants; the ground should be well prepared and ma-nured the previous autumn.