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Snowball have pure white globe shaped roots with excellent sweet and juicy flavoured white flesh making them the popular choice for spring sowing and successional use. The tops can also be used as tasty greens.

Turnips are fast growing root vegetables which add a different flavour grated raw in salads, added to casseroles or served as a separate vegetable completely. When pulled young, they are a far cry from the woody, sad examples that can often be seen in the supermarkets today.



March to June

Where to Sow

Early sowings are best made under cloches . Sow seed direct into growing site in seed drills 2cm (3/4in) deep with rows spaced 30cm (12in) apart. Sow in succession every 14 days to prolong the harvest period.

What to do next

As soon as first rough leaves appear , thin to 10cm (4in) apart . Harvest from when roots are golf ball size, pull alternate roots to maximise crop. Water regularly during hot dry weather to prevent roots from going woody .


June to October


Can also be multisown in modules and transplanted out as small clusters and harvested as small roots and added to salads. The smaller the roots, the sweeter they are.


A good source of Vitamin B6 and C and a really good source of dietary fibre.