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Turnip Temari Mixed F1

Attractive red and white salad turnips 5-10cm in diameter . Pure white succulent roots accompanied by tasty red roots with white blushed inner flesh . Delicious eaten raw in salads when young or cooked when fully mature.

Sow – Late March to June

Harvest  June to October

Where to Sow
Early sowings are best made under cloches. Sow seed direct into growing site in seed drills 2cm (3/4in) deep with rows spaced 30cm (12in) apart. Sow in succession every 14 days to prolong the harvest period.   

What to do next
As soon as first rough leaves appear, thin to 10cm (4in) apart. Harvest from when roots are golf ball size, pull alternate roots to maximise crop. Water regularly dur-ing hot dry weather to prevent roots from going woody.

Handy Tip
Can also be multi-sown in modules and transplanted out as small cluster and harvested as small roots and added to salads. The smaller the roots are pulled the sweeter they are.