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Onion Ishikura is a Japanese bunching type of onion. It produces long white stalks with short green tops which can be pulled when they are as thin as a pencil or as thick as a carrot. It doesn’t form a bulb so looks almost like a young leek. It has a fine mild flavour to it which makes it ideal for salads or stir frys.

One of the most popular crops for the gardener, onions are a huge must for any allotment holder or for the gardener who has their own little vegetable garden at home, as they are so versatile and can be used for a variety of different things.


When to sow

February to June

Where to Sow

Early sowing can be made underglass in modules , sow 4-5 seeds per module on the surface of seed sowing compost and lightly cover with a sprinkling or vermiculite or compost , and place at a temperature of 14°C. Outdoor sowings can be made in April , sow seed thinly in shallow drills 1.5cm (1/2in) deep, with rows spaced 30cm (12in) apart.

What to do next

Greenhouse sown modules do not require thinning and can be moved to a cold frame in April to harden off before planting outside 7cm (3in) apart for clusters of salad onions. Outdoor sowings can be pulled and used as required .


12 weeks after sowing.

Handy Tip

Ideal for successional sowing. As a quick to mature crop, sow inbetween slower growing vegetables saving space.


Antibacterial and antiseptic properties due to the beneficial sulphur compounds, also a good source of anti-oxidant. Also high in Vitamin C, calcium and iron.