Supremo bbq 2 series (4+1) G20410


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Supremo Series 2 Four Burner with Side Burner 

 The Series 2 Four Burner Barbecue is the ultimate elite grilling machine you need to change the way you cook and dine this summer. 

With four burners, it’s perfect if you’re cooking for family and friends. You can adjust the heat levels across the grill to help you cook a range of foods to be ready together. Cast iron cooking grids offer a huge range of benefits that improve your barbecuing experience, delivering authentic and classic features you’d expect. Retaining heat and distributing it evenly in each area, you’ll enjoy perfectly grilled results. It’s sturdier, easier to clean and, to top it off, it’ll give you those definitive grill marks to make your burgers look as good as they taste.