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Plutos are a long-lasting, 100% natural chew available in a range of delicious flavours. Their mouth-watering chews are made predominantly from a single protein and casein a cheese protein that’s packed full of taste.

A Healthy Chew

A low calorie, low fat chew that’s 87% digestible over 24 hours promoting fat loss. Casein a cheese protein can provide dental protection against bacteria.

A Natural Chew

With no nylon, no lactose and no rawhide, Pluto’s wont stain and their range of colours derive only from natural ingredients including beetroot.

A Chew For All

Available in small, medium and large Pluto’s will not splinter and is full of flavoursome, nutritional benefits for dogs both big and small!


Casein Calcium Fat content: 0,2 Protein: 51,3 Moisture content: 25,8 Crude fiber: 0,2 Crude Ash: 13,8 Carbohydrates: 8,7