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icola are a Second Early variety which display good eelworm and blight resistance. Grow these for their buttery flavour. Nicola has grown more popular in recent years as it could be considered the perfect second early as the plant is of medium height and ideal for container or bag growing. Nicola is a dream potato for the amateur gardener.
A reliable seed potato, Nicola has yellow fleshed, long, oval tubers with a waxy texture. Has superb flavour when boiled. This potato is a relatively new salad type perfect for eating with the skins on. The skin is thin and very light brown with cream coloured flesh. It’s one of the best tasting new potatoes and is superb hot or cold. Keeps well in the ground for a month or so longer. Reasonably good disease resistance overall, unfortunately it is susceptible to blight.
Nicola is also a top Christmas growing variety. Plant the seed potatoes in August and you will be harvesting fully grown potatoes from late October to December.