Sarpo Mira maincrop seed potato


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The original Sarpo and still the most widely known.  With 40 years plus heritage Sarpo Mira has the highest resistance to potato late blight (some say the highest overall of any variety).  Launched in 2002 this unique variety has characteristics that make it the potato of choice for organic growers and those interested in low input spuds

Mira is a  large, pink skinned main crop potato that has its origins in pre 1992 Hungary where the collective farm system had a need for high yielding, high dry matter potato that needed little or no chemical sprays and could be stored without the need for refrigeration or anti sprouting treatments.

A good multipurpose maincrop potato. Very useful on the allotment where blight can be an issue. The tubers are meant to be of a dry floury texture which are best suited to roasting and chipping. Also suitable as a baking potato.

This seed is a Main Crop variety for lifting when skins are set in the Autumn.